The Elder Scrolls Legends: Different Enough To Work

I got to try The Elder Scrolls: Legends beta today, and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m a big Hearthstone fan, and I’m sure a lot of us got a little sceptical when some of the details of this game were revealed. From a UI and formatting standpoint it resembles Hearthstone in many ways. I’m aware that genres share in similarities naturally, but these similarities were quite uncanny.

Despite this, after playing the beta, I can confidently say that there’s room for both games in the world, and that is awesome! I think everyone who plays Hearthstone can agree that while it is a dedicated game, part of what makes it so special is that it’s user-friendly. It lacks a certain layer of complexity that games like Magic the Gathering and even Pokemon: The Card Game are known for, but not to a fault. Hearthstone even has a light and comedic tone, showing its desire to welcome everyone for a pleasant experience.

The tone of The Elder Scrolls: Legends, like its source game, is very gritty. It deals a lot in complexities and that’s what makes it interesting. This game is so much different from Hearthstone, because you’re really building your experience as you go. Leveling up lets you upgrade cards, and there’s a story mode where you can choose what some cards end up being.

Your style of deck might focus on keeping your hero with as much health as possible, or maybe you’re into doing damage. You can have permanent effects on the board as well, and that is interesting. I’m going to play it a lot more for sure.

It’s funny, because in my history I’ve never really been that big into WoW, but I have played the Elder Scrolls games for several years. But of the two games, so far, I still prefer Hearthstone, as it’s a quick and easy to play experience. But this game seems to thrive in a much more tactically dependent setting, and I look forward to seeing more of that.

Make sure to give the Open Beta a try when you get a chance, it’s free!


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