Elder Scrolls Lore: ESO in Perspective

Made a big contradiction by questioning the three factions. there is an entire lore video explaining them. basically they joined forces to fight because of desperation over the oblivion crisis. YOU (or at least someone else in the shoddycast crew) explained this and now you’re saying it doesn’t make sense? that’s what truly doesn’t makes sense.

In the time line, the oblivion crisis is not after the Events of elder scrolls online? Why the desperation of the oblivion crisis could influence any faction if it did’nt hapened iet?

So, I’d like to address this because it’s been bugging me and TESO gets a lot of flack for not following lore. In example, the alliances being originally sworn enemies and would never join forces, in all the TESO videos they call them “unlikely alliances”. In this case I think that there’s some missing pieces. Consider that Talos existed 100s of years ago and how many things get attributed to him over the course of centuries of deification. Now, there is a book in TESO in the mages guild in mournhold where a scholar is explaining where he thinks the jungles of tamriel have gone. Now, the white gold tower, built by the aldmer was intended to mimic the crystal and adamantine towers, one of which was built by the aedra, where lorkhan was slain, so it is said. The ayleids wanted to replicate the type of magical influence of these towers and the theory described in the book states that when the elves built the white gold tower it imprinted the elves geographic preference to the land, so cyrodiil became like the summer set isles, a jungle. When the humans (specifically the races descended from atmora, the nedes, etc.) took over cyrodiil, during the time of Alessia, the white gold tower started to change the land to fit their needs, and these humans come from much colder regions. Thusly, over time, the land changed to a more temperate climate, with fields and forests, to fit the new rulers of the white gold tower. In the book it explains that this just a theory and inconclusive without evidence. Yet it would explain why cyrodiil has changed from a jungle before the time of Tiber Septim.

TES should stay as RPG, ever since Morrowind true fans were hit in the balls in the name of “new players”.Fuck that! I want a game in which main race is a beast, I dont care if new players will accept it.If they dont they have Skyrim and then they wont be new players, fuck that new player logic! Are they making a game for people taht they dont know if they will even play it, even after all thing they do to suck up to them?

Perhaps the entire Elder Scrolls storyline symbolizes or describes our own timeline as humanity. Where at a certain point in our timeline as humans there is a question that arouses where man really comes from. Where this Jesus figure named Talos didn’t actually come when we anticipated and some miracle has caused a parallel universe (ESO) to surmise causing a lot of tension, and we don’t figure out the truth in enough time. Then, before we’re able to figure this out eras go by and the antichrist or devil (Alduin) comes to bring about end times and a man/reincarnation of Talos brings about our salvation once again. Thus, the cycle begins again after eras of arguments and skepticism and doubt for what the truth is. For example, The Aldmeri Dominion in Skyrim denying Talos as a divine figure. Government & Science disproving the belief in God/Jesus. DISCLAIMER: (This is just a thought and a way of connecting our life with a fantasy game I am obsessed with. In no way am I denying anyone else’s theory. This is open to interpretation, and it makes sense to me. Please comment and join the discussion.)


The Elder Scrolls Legends: Different Enough To Work

I got to try The Elder Scrolls: Legends beta today, and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m a big Hearthstone fan, and I’m sure a lot of us got a little sceptical when some of the details of this game were revealed. From a UI and formatting standpoint it resembles Hearthstone in many ways. I’m aware that genres share in similarities naturally, but these similarities were quite uncanny.

Despite this, after playing the beta, I can confidently say that there’s room for both games in the world, and that is awesome! I think everyone who plays Hearthstone can agree that while it is a dedicated game, part of what makes it so special is that it’s user-friendly. It lacks a certain layer of complexity that games like Magic the Gathering and even Pokemon: The Card Game are known for, but not to a fault. Hearthstone even has a light and comedic tone, showing its desire to welcome everyone for a pleasant experience.

The tone of The Elder Scrolls: Legends, like its source game, is very gritty. It deals a lot in complexities and that’s what makes it interesting. This game is so much different from Hearthstone, because you’re really building your experience as you go. Leveling up lets you upgrade cards, and there’s a story mode where you can choose what some cards end up being.

Your style of deck might focus on keeping your hero with as much health as possible, or maybe you’re into doing damage. You can have permanent effects on the board as well, and that is interesting. I’m going to play it a lot more for sure.

It’s funny, because in my history I’ve never really been that big into WoW, but I have played the Elder Scrolls games for several years. But of the two games, so far, I still prefer Hearthstone, as it’s a quick and easy to play experience. But this game seems to thrive in a much more tactically dependent setting, and I look forward to seeing more of that.

Make sure to give the Open Beta a try when you get a chance, it’s free!

Learned in Elder Scrolls Online of Maw Of Lorkhaj

Well, I did a coupled of mol runs today, and after a few successful and rather unsuccessful runs I thought I’d share some of the things I learned today with you.

  • Be prepared to die! It is not a bad thing to die, it happens to all of us. If you’re doing the mol run be prepared to die…. a couple of times. Heck I even lost count how many times I died today….cough 11 times cough….. but it is important to be patient. And if you’re a corpse, lying on the ground, watching everyone fight without you… start yelling at them to rez you 😉 … someone will be annoyed and help you out and then you can go and fight those filthy dro’mathra things again!

Learned in Elder Scrolls Online of Maw Of Lorkhaj

  • Eat something before you start! You’re Not You When You’re Hungry! Here, eat a snickers… Better? Hungry people can’t fight, totally understandable. So before you try fighting through a horde of monsters get some food in your system. Also, now it’s harder to kill you, which means you’ll not be dying and don’t have to be a lying corpse on the ground, yelling at people to rez you.
  • Don’t be toooo emotional!I know it’s hard sometimes not getting angry at people who are ignoring the mechanics and I know it’s hard from not being sad if you’re losing, but in the end it’s just a game. If you can’t beat it, try again later. Rome wasn’t build in a day. You can only get angry or sad if you wanna show off you’re new personalities, like I did! Man, I am so awesome, right?…RIGHT?…. Well, ehm….yeah….let’s just move on….Learned in Elder Scrolls Online of Maw Of Lorkhaj
  • Bring you’re mechanic! And I mean it… or bring some repair kits. Because most of the time, those monsters want to kill you. And they want to destroy you’re stuff, too! Why? I don’t know…. Maybe they’re evil….soo evil that I have to pay someone all the time to repair my stuff…. and they want me to be poor, so I can’t fight them….mmh….so new plan…. I’m gonna get on my brothers nerves, so he’ll buy me repair kits and he get poor, but I can still fight those damn monsters! Nice! That’s gonna work!
  • Don’t be a ghost! If you don’t know what to do just ask. Because if you have no idea what to do, then I’m not gonna finish this thing, gottcha? And then I can’t ask people to do the vet dungeon with me… and then I can’t get this damn skin I want…. so ask if you have no clue what to do! Because I want this skin so bad…
  • Blue and Gold? Not the best combination…. Sometimes two people can’t be together. It’s like a Romeo and Juliet thing. If you’re two are together, blue and gold, you’re gonna die. Okay, this goes only for the second boss, but you know what I mean! Just imagine…. Blue is Romeo, Gold is Juliet… you two wanna survive? Don’t meet! I mean it! It will not end well! Just stay with you’re color and everything will be fine… right?
  • Be the mysterious guy! If something goes wrong no one will blame you for not doing enough damage, not healing enough or not… tanking enough? Are tanks even that mysterious? I’m not quite sure to be honest…. just try to look like a mysterious person, okay? Look at him! I would never question him of not doing enough damage!
  • Use a map! Yes, some of you might find this ridicules…but I use a map. If I’m pressured into being a runner and kill priests… I can’t keep track of where I am. So I’ll use this mini map, which tells me where I am. Nice, right?
  • I could tell you stories guys… one time my brother and I wanted to meet in Cyrodiil for a little duel. He was red and I was yellow and we wanted to meet up in the middle. Where did go….? I ended up somewhere in the blue zone… no idea what I did there… so be like this smart guy and use a map!
  • Know thy enemy! Sometimes, enemies don’t want to be seen. I get that. So, they will turn invisible. My advice? Just attack everything! At some point you will attack something, no matter if it’s your friend of the foe, but you’ll hit something. Just be patient, shoot arrows at every direction, shoot knives around the room or shoot meteors if you have the chance. It’s gonna work… hopefully…Learned in Elder Scrolls Online of Maw Of Lorkhaj
  • Don’t put cake near a door! One time a guy put this festival cake thing near the door and because of that I couldn’t enter. My character was eating this damn cake but he wasn’t going through the door. Not funny! Not even remotely funny! My character is on a special diet right now and people are trying to ruin that. :cold_sweat: Took him a whole minute to pass the cake and enter the next area…